[Sweet beginnings]
Everyone has hobbies. One of mine is baking. Not just the delicious end result but also the means to the end. The journey from random raw ingredients to beautiful sweet treats.

It is rare to be able to turn one’s favourite pastime into something which can also be shared with friends and family, rarer still, be of benefit to the community at large. Baking, I believe, is one such rarity. We all lead such busy lives that finding that extra hour or two each week to do something to give back is difficult. It is, however, a matter of balance. And my balance is combining one of my favourite hobbies with charity.

As such, 100% of my profits will go to charity, 50% to the British Red Cross and 50% to Shanghai Roots and Shoots.

If you don’t know me already, I LOVE baking. Not just the eating part but the process, and probably the latter more so. And of course there are personal health consequences if I were to be too focused on the former! I don’t give back enough. This is my way of doing so. Did I mention that I love baking?!

[Quality, not quantity]
It is because my cakes are home-made and not for profit that I believe I can genuinely say that they are made with the utmost love and care, using the best ingredients. Where possible, I substitute olive oil for butter.

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I look forward to hearing from you!

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24th August 2012

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Battenburg Cake (sulicious version)

3x3 purple and yellow combination with apricot jam and marzipan. Note: contains (lots of) almonds!


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